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progressive early state push for tom steyer for president

BaughmanMerrill partner Katie served as Chief National Direct Mail Consultant to Tom Steyer for President, overseeing the strategy, content, and delivery of over 12 million pieces of mail in five early voting states that helped the campaign repeatedly outperform expectations and surge in national polls, and put climate change—along with Tom’s efforts to lift people above corporations and deliver economic, racial, and environmental justice to all Americans—front and center.

Our innovative mail worked hand-in-glove with Steyer’s digital efforts to ensure cross-channel message communication to likely voters, which ultimately drove support above 2% in early states and qualified Steyer for debates, and we delivered poll-driven mail to African American and Latinx communities in Nevada and South Carolina.

Image by Gradienta

are you ready to change the game?

BM_gamechangers plus.png
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