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The Top Vote Getting Minority

Woman in America

We helped Eleni Kounalakis and Xavier Becerra become the first elected woman Lt. Governor and the first elected Latino Attorney General respectively in California history. As general consultants for the first Chinese American woman ever elected California Controller, our digital, mail and strategy lifted Betty Yee to a record-smashing re-election where she banked over 8 million votes, making her the top vote getter in the state — and the country. 

BaughmanMerrill mail, TV and digital also swept London Breed - the first African American woman ever — into San Francisco City Hall and led Kathleen Williams to a primary victory upset for Montana's at-large congressional seat despite a 6:1 cash disadvantage.


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Creating Fight Back California PAC

We teamed up with centrist Democrat former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher to create the Super PAC responsible for deploying aggressive, data-driven TV, media and digital campaigns in the longest Republican-held districts in California. The PAC's groundbreaking billboard campaign targeting Congressman Devin Nunes earned national press from CNN, The Hill and Politico.


Fight Back's record? 7 for 7 flipping congressional seats formerly won by Hillary Clinton but held by Republicans.

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State House Districts

Our mail for the Ohio House Democratic Caucus flipped Republican seats in favor of Democrats for the first time since 2008. Our work protected three Democratic Ohio House seats in Trump-won legislative districts — including one Trump carried by more than 20 points — and flipped three more from red to blue.


In California, our mail on behalf of Tasha Boerner Horvath helped elect her as the first woman to ever represent a North County San Diego Assembly seat and turned it blue for the first time in decades.


once red

Congressional Districts Blue

In Orlando, BaughmanMerrill was part of the strategic team that turned the first Vietnamese American Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy's once dark red district to solid blue, crushing her state representative opponent by 15 points.


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for corporations and NGOs

BaughmanMerrill has over 25 years of putting our political communications experience to work leading educational, persuasion, informational and crisis communications campaigns for corporations and NGO’s across the country.  


Years in the trenches has taught us that a communications campaign based on an all-channel media effort made up of paid, earned, and owned communication sources can be the key for an organization seeking to achieve a specific goal with any audience - whether regulatory bodies, elected officials, the general public — or all of the above. 

Our team of experienced persuasion communication professionals has been applying the same strategic principals we bring to bear in nationwide, statewide or citywide political campaigns to “win” the communications battles for dozens of non-political clients.

Our firm and our partners, Duane Baughman and Katie Merrill, individually have worked on crisis communications projects, persuasion communications, and grassroots communications projects for organizations and companies such as: Caruso real estate, Stanford University, AAA, Environmental Defense Fund, the US Travel Association, AT&T, Southern California Edison, Con Edison, JACK Entertainment, Davidon Homes, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the National Venture Capital Association.


We staff up to meet and exceed the specific and tailored needs of every client and offer every platform necessary to fulfill all aspects entailed in a successful communications campaign, from polling, focus groups, direct mail, digital advertising, to electronic media (TV and radio), TV buying and placement, social media, website development and design, to press and media relations, op-eds, Letters to the Editor, newspaper advertisements, paid phones, and texting.


We are BaughmanMerrill. Putting our political communications expertise to work for corporations and NGO’s for over 25 years.  And winning. 




peabody award winning

Documentary about a History Making Muslim Woman

Called an "intelligent, provocative" film by The Huffington Post, Duane Baughman's Bhutto was nominated for an Emmy Award  and is a winner of a prestigious Peabody Award. Directed and Produced by Baughman, the film follows the barrier-shattering life of the first woman to lead an Islamic nation. Bhutto also earned an EPIC Award from the White House Project for its promotion of women's rights. Baughman is the only American political consultant to win a coveted Peabody Award.

Baughman, in Islamabad, filming Bhutto with Pakistan President Asif Ali Zadari just months after the murder of his wife, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

On location in Dubai with Bhutto daughters Aseefa and Bakhtawar, 3 months after the assasination of their mother.







duane baughman


Duane oversaw 20 million pieces of mail for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's election and re-election campaigns, and was one of only 6 national Democratic mail strategists hired by the DCCC to develop and execute the mail campaign responsible for winnning back the Democratic majority in the U.S. House in 2006.


Duane managed the development of over 30 million pieces of mail and a multi-million dollar budget for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, winning a history-making 20 primaries. His mail has helped pass statewide initiatives and helped elect and re-elect Democrats at every level in every corner of California. Duane lives in San Francisco.

katie merrill


One of California's most successful female and LGBTQ campaign managers and statewide consultants, Katie's served as strategic advisor to candidates for governor, U.S. Senate and Attorney General and implemented the winning statewide strategy for California's Prop. 35, which toughened laws against human trafficking and banked over 10 million votes making it the largest vote getting initiative in American political history. Katie led the Overturn Citizens United, Yes on Prop 59 campaign to victory in 2016, and oversaw the successful field campaign to defeat Proposition 23 in 2010, which would have rolled back California's landmark climate change law. Katie has dedicated her career to electing women, minorities and progressives to all levels of elected office, from city council to U.S. President. 

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